Some Very Special Happy Endings
For Some Very Lucky, North Texas Poodles

Faith Pumpkin
a happy, warm
toy poodle

Faith Faith wishing everyone
a Happy Halloween 2012

Beignet Hello, Holly (Pena) here.

Just got to my new home yesterday. I am working on my insecurity issues. But, I can already see it is going to be a great home, because they have another awesome Standard Poodle and a Cock-a-poo (rescue) that loves me.

Beignet I am finally well and my adoption was finalized in early 2012. My new owners hung in there for six months while I got rid of all kinds of mites and parasites and got my allergies under control. I'm living a very good life with my sister, who is also a miniature. There is some family talk about visiting my grandmother in Germany this winter. She came to meet me during my recovery this fall and I'd like to return the visit. Beignet ( now Ryska).

BoBo I have found a great home!!!! I live in Austin, near a park that I can take exercise in, and my new mom can take me to work. I really didn't like being left alone and particularly not in the back yard in the heat last summer, by myself. I am very happy! BoBo

Chloe I left last Friday for a home visit with my new owners and their previous adoptive miniature poodle who is now ten-eleven years old. I know I'm not going back to rescue, because I heard my sister (human) begging for me to stay and the rescue lady said "OK", so I'm settling in with my older dog brother and my new family. This is going to be just fine. Chloe

Bailey This is Bailey checking in. I've spent my first week in San Antonio with my new parents. Everything has been just great! I get to go to Dog Care every day during the week while my parents are at work, which is pretty much fun, and then we all get together for walks and house time at night. I'm loving family life.

Tea Tea has to report that a very strong, patient, couple met her, recognized QUALITY when they saw it, and felt up to the challenge. She has been in her new home a few days, which is the absolutely perfect home for her, and she appears to be settling in (in that she has not returned). Since Tea was one of the smartest toys ever, we hope she makes it.

Patsy ADOPTION PENDING no longer. I have a new wonderful home. I came to Poodle Rescue after a few false steps, one with a family that sold me on Craig's List and another with the family that bought me. They had several young, crying children and I couldn't cope with that. My new owner calls me Patsy.

Leon I'm from Dallas Animal Control. I was a jewel in the rough when I came to PRNT, but I've had a starter groom. My name was Lucien at rescue, but now I'm Leon. My new Dad thinks I'm going to be a great companion and running mate.

alphonse Alphonse here!!! I'm the 9 1/2 year old standard that came to rescue when Mom broke her hip. Well, my new foster mom fell in love with me and has adopted me. She thinks I am "Great" so I am trying to live up to it. She takes me all kinds of places-to shops-restaurants-friends-so that I can be part of her life. I am very, very happy. Alphonse

Toby I have been adopted by a family who adopted my new poodle sister a few years back. Its a family all of whom have adopted poodles from Poodle Rescue-I'll have a lot of cousins and a new grandmother-she started it all. I also have some human children who really like me. I'm very happy. Magic

Toby Hi! My name is not Toby any longer-I've been adopted and had a name change. I have a new mom and dad and I've had quality time with each of them fixing the fence so I was secure and meeting their friends. Everyone says I am well behaved and wonderful-I am sooooo glad. They really like me and I'm very happy. They are at home a lot so I have someone around almost all the time. This is great!!!

andy I have a new home and a brand new mom-a young one!!! And grandparents!! And aunts, uncles, siblings etc. I am in a standard poodle family. I'm trying out life in Austin for a bit. I think I'm going to like this a lot.

Jackie I am so happy! I am now in a home with a poodle brother and another current foster. I am helping him understand how great rescue can be. I came in with heartworms and was a little sickly (had a bad uterine infection also) and wasn't really comfortable there, but I feel a lot better now. I have friends I can play with, a home and I am very happy.

Charles I was just taking a glance at the website, and I noticed that my photo wasn't there. It was a few years ago, that I came to PRNT due to the closure of a puppy mill. I've been adopted for quite a while, but I am one of the few PRNT dogs whose image is marketed nationwide on a greeting card.I'm the one in the beret. I know the omission was an oversight.

Shea Little Man We are two happy senior toy poodles. We were adopted years ago from the SPCA, but Mom can no longer take care of us, and can't walk us anymore. (In this heat, who could?) TriCities Animal Shelter took us in and found us a foster. Poodle Rescue of North Texas took us to get our teeth cleaned and found us a long term foster until we could get our flights arranged. And Vermont Poodle Rescue is going to find us a forever home together. We hear it’s a lot cooler up there. We just got new flight bags for the trip. They look pretty comfy! We thought we were leaving this week, but our trip was cancelled. We are really looking forward to the cooler weather! It’s going to be 108 degrees in Dallas next week. If anyone is traveling north toward Vermon (even Boston) or east to Richmond, we would like to tag along.

Shea and Little Man
Gaiden It was meant to be-I came in from Lubbock on July 7th and a person visiting my new foster home spotted me and wanted me on the spot. So, after a bit of vet work, a dental, etc. I was adopted by the family of my dreams. I am very happy and eating like a horse for my new mom. I need to put on about ten pounds, they say, and I am doing my part.
Kane My adoption came through and I am in my new home with a poodle big sister and some human siblings. I am looking forward to getting my sutures out and going in for a swim. Thanks!!! Kane
Trixie I was adopted very quickly after my trip in from Wise County. I think it was because I got in my new dad's lap, gave him a few kisses, and snuggled in. It worked. I have a non-poodle big brother who was missing his former friend who went to the Bridge. I know I have big shoes to fill, and I am trying my best. Trixie
Sterling I am the awesome "Sterling". I have gone to the great bridge in the sky. But darn, coming from a puppy mill being the big stud guy, life was hard. Then I was rescued by PRNT. I had a great home with Ann.
Scarlet My name is Scarlet. My Mom was a senior who could no longer care for me. It was sad when we had to part company. But, now I am living a very special "spoiled" life. I am one very happy apricot miniature poodle.
Reggie Hello, my name is Reggie and I have been adopted to a wonderful home in central Texas. I take many happy road trips with my new family.
annie My name is Annie and I came from Dallas Animal Control. I have some neurological deficit and am living the remainder of my life with Poodle Rescue of North Texas.
I am a special needs dog and thus, I am not available for adoption.
Marcella My name is Marcella and I was recently adopted after a year and a half of recovery in PRNT. I came as a puppy with a badly broken leg and I had a herpes infection. I was given lots of care and love and a wonderful surgeon fixed my leg, I have a new mom and a new life and am looking forward to spending the summer in northern California. I'm having a little trouble adjusting to leaving the pack, but I know my new mom wants it to work, so I am trying.
white standard poodle I was abandoned as a puppy, somewhere south of Dallas. My master used me for target practice as I was full of bird shot, at close range when I arrived at PRNT. My gunshots were not an accident. But boy, I can move and I am sure having fun now!
Boy Hello! My name is "Boy".
I am a really "kool" standard poodle. I am about 3 to 4 yrs old. Yep, I refuse to tell anyone my actual age. But, darn I am so eager to please and I have a new wonderful home.
Midnight Hi! I'm Midnight. I was once being considered to live in the White House, but I've done a lot better than that. Who needs Washington - I have a family with kids right here in Texas and I am very happy.
Bijous I was the first dog of 2011. A good lady found me in a shelter near the Oklahoma border and she called PRNT. She knew I needed a lot of help. I came to Dallas over the New Years holidays and things started looking up. I needed food-Good Food- and something called thyroid. I also had a skin infection and mange. But I'm way better now. And I just got a family, who will look out for me, which is really nice to think about.