ryanAn open letter to all who care, June 26, 2011

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Poodle Rescue of North Texas
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Dallas, Texas 75229-4938

Just a note to bring you up to date on Poodle Rescue! Obviously, we missed Christmas, New Years, Easter, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day without a letter, but we might still get this out by The Fourth of July. It’s just been that kind of year = good intentions got plowed under by major surgery, the flu, shingles, a family death and an avalanche of homeless poodles. We are trying to get back on track.
In 2010 we helped close to 90 dogs, in a year in which we thought we would be cutting back. David and I are getting old and tired and we’ve just about worn out our long suffering foster parents. All are still with us, plus a couple of welcome new ones. We are asked to take dogs daily and, frequently, several at a time. In some cases, they arrive only because they drew a bad hand in life, sometimes it’s the economy, and in others, poor judgment on the owner’s part, but very rarely the fault of the dog. In order to save as many dogs as possible, we have tried to redistribute dogs to other rescues out of the Dallas area. We have survived thanks to major contributions from many of you who have adopted from us as well as others who have not, corporations that have supported us for years, grants from various charities and foundations, all of which combined saw us through my months of recuperation from back surgery. It has really been a trying year and it wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thanks!
On the positive side, last year I mentioned that in 2009 we had taken in a standard puppy with a broken leg and canine herpes, and that we had effectively exposed 100 dogs to the virus. Science cannot tell who is a carrier and who is merely exposed. The good news is that it has been well over a year since we’ve had any evidence of an active infection or sickness. Marcella, who was the infected dog, has remained well since she recovered from both herpes and orthopedic surgery on her broken leg. The better news is that after a year of careful screening, she has been adopted recently into the perfect home for her situation. She will be summering in the Napa Valley and living the remainder of the year in Austin, Texas. I would like to go too.
The national poodle club, Poodle Club of America, had its first Parade of Rescued Dogs at its 2011 national specialty show and one of our standards was selected to be a participant. She was saved from the Missouri puppy mills, was accepted into our program, was adopted in Texas and then re-homed after moving to Pennsylvania, and now lives near Central Park in New York. This incredible co-operation among concerned individuals is what rescue is all about.
We were able to assist a military family’s poodle that was evacuated from Japan after the tsunami. The family was reposted to Japan before being posted to England. Unfortunately, in all the relocations, there was not enough time to acquire a passport for the family poodle to travel to England, as six months had not passed since the dog’s last rabies titer. He is trapped in the US until August. He is now in one of our foster homes and is happier than he would have been in a commercial kennel, and he did not have to be surrendered by the family. Hopefully, this will soon be a happy ending.
We will be having a fundraiser again this summer on July 24th at the Dallas Ballet Center at 8530 Abrams Rd. This will take place on a Sunday afternoon and we will contact everyone when plans are firmer, but continue to check our web site (www.poodlerescuent.org) for information. We look forward to seeing you and your dog(s) again and sharing some French treats in honor of Bastille Day. There will be a short demo of obedience and rally training. We won’t have a major raffle, but we will have door prizes and assorted items for purchase. Think about how you and your dog could enter the Look Alike Contest. Hope to see you there.
Thank you again for being part of our loyal support group. It won’t work without you.

Ruth Hollis, President