Our Standard Poodles In Need
of Sponsorship. Dogs already sponsored are denoted with a"blue ribbon".

HOLLY SPONSORED & ADOPTED. Hello my name is Holly Pena. I am a black standard poodle girl. I am nine years old. My mom and dad have moved to a retirement facility and can no longer keep me. Their new home is an apartment on the third floor. The only way I can get outside is by using an elevator and I no longer have a yard.
henry My beginnings were way less than auspicious. Purchased as a puppy, my owner promptly died. The next owner stuck me out in a horse stall when she tired of my puppy ways. I got a bad ear infection over the next six months in the barn. Someone boarding their horse got me out and called Poodle Rescue. The lady from rescue brought me home and fixed my ear infection, and then got my medical stuff done. I've been here three years and am finally recovering from my start. The rescue lady groomed me first at home and just recently I made my first trip to a groomers. I'm nearing being adoptable and I'm still young. Don't forget me-I'll be ready for a new home sooner or later. But it will have to be the right home. Henry
Missy SPONSORED & ADOPTED. My last owner named me Missy. I am five years old and have been around a bit. I'm very comfortable with dogs, but not as comfortable with people. I'm bigger than a miniature and smaller than most standards. I will venture outside in a fenced yard, but I'm happier in the house. You know, there really isn't anything great about 108 degrees. I'll need some quiet reassurance to emerge into the poodle of your dreams.