Our Toy Poodles In Need
of Sponsorship. Dogs already sponsored are denoted with a"blue ribbon".

Jean Luc I need a sponsor so bad! A new home would be even better but I am a special needs child and a new home is not likely. My name is Jean-Luc. It was Furrball, but my new Mom didn't like that, so she gave me a better one. I was in the Barc shelter in Houston in July 2013, but no one would take me because I had a bad case of heart worms and a broken jaw, or so they thought. My new Mom thought I had potential, so I caught a ride to Dallas. I was pretty sick, but Mom treated my heartworms first and when I felt better we tried to fix my jaw, but it was not only broken, it had a birth defect that made it unfixable. The doctor pulled my abscessed teeth, and that made a big difference, but my jaw is still unstable. Mom decided not to do a bone graft, because she thought I'd been through enough. I've also had something called a neuter and a microchip, as well as a lot of vaccines, but I think that is all over now. I'm a very happy dog and I like my family.
Brownie Hi! I'm Brownie. I am very small and about 7-8 years old. I have bad allergies, have lost an eye sometime in my past, and have a few other issues, but I am an absolutely great lap sitter and smuggler. I get to sleep very close to my foster mom's head at night. I have served as an emotional support dog in the past, which basically means I'm there to hold when you need me.